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WALLAW is a part of VJP- an industry leader in the design, development and production of precision engineered aluminum casting, aluminium alloy casting etc, since 1983, with a plethora of multifaceted and impressive client portfolio from aerospace to automobile industries.

WALLAW’s unique collection of artistic wall Decor is a combination of aesthetic design sense, versatile raw materials and skilled craftsmanship that revitalizes and transforms your walls. Nowadays when most our surroundings are homogeneous, we take a different stand by imprinting our unique touch with rich and extravagant aluminium wall tiles. Our extensive wall tile collection offers many options in colors and textures to choose from. WALLAW tiles can transform a lifeless space into a dynamic, and visually satisfying setting. With a commitment to produce the finest wall tiles available using a top notch work force while conserving environmental resources, WALLAW is poised on the edge of industry leadership. We invite you to browse through our tile collections for ideas and inspiration.

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