Wallaw’s INSTALLATION SUPPORT has its reach through its dedicated dealers and contractors providing sales and installation support for large scale projects. We keep you involved to ensure that the installation process is done smoothly and efficiently.

Do It Yourself

With WALLAW’s fantastic selection of Smart wall Tiles, tiling a wall area is now a cakewalk! This super stylish collection of wall tiles are self-adhesive! Peel off the paper backing, and you have a sticky surface; ready to fix the tiles to a wall space!

WALLAW offers pre-designed kits with reference templates that help you to make your own wall design. Design reference templates can also be downloaded from our website.

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Clean or vacuum the surface thoroughly. Any debris left on the wall could keep the back of the tile from sticking to the surface.

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Make sure the wall surface is completely dry.

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Check the position or dry fit of the tile to be sure you're satisfied with where the tile pieces end up and if necessary adjust the spacing.

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Peel the back off the tile and line it up with the wall making certain it's lined up correctly.

Aluminium Wall Decor | Aluminium Wall Tile Installation Process


Press them into position applying gentle pressure until certain it's lined up correctly.


Suitable for all indoor wall applications excluding wet areas. Outdoor use subject to climate and method of installation. Testing data available upon request.

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