The “Ascender” is a levitating design pattern. This pattern provides an illusion of levitation in interior space that motivates its audience. This space will be ideal to build creative ideas and progressive concepts.

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The title “Aria” was determined for this design due to the manner in which the curved lines flow in perfect harmony. Different lines from different directions proceed to form an astounding singularity.

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The “Enigma” is a wall tile pattern that highlights the concept of a paradox or a puzzle. This design is derived in order to provoke the minds of its audience, challenging the predictable and psychologically amplify problem solving skills.

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The “Gladsome” is a unique pattern that uses radiating lineation in its design. The term ‘Gladsome’ means happy. As the title suggests, this design disposes a positive vibe.

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“Prestige” is a superior design pattern that influences a prominent status onto the building structure. This design is a clout-based pattern that transforms the occupying space into a distinct expanse of magnificence.

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The “Burgeon” uses the flower as its inspiration. This wall pattern gives the interior a feminine touch, due to its mild design characteristics. Burgeon was developed for you to implement a design pattern that soothes its audience.

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WALLAW wall tile collections are made from cast aluminium known for its high quality. They stand out for their sophisticated finish and very high resistance to abrasions. They therefore make the ideal choice for wall tiling. WALLAW offers an assortment of options when it comes to the finishing for our products. Our products are either powder- coated or anodized. By special request, custom colours can be arranged by our precision-biased matching systems. Contact us for samples.

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